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Mode Lighting Dimmer Power Packs


  • Evolution Architectural Control System

    Mode Lighting Evolution Power Packs

    Mode Evolution is the ultimate in large scale lighting control systems. Flexible hardware configuration options, feature-rich software setup and multi-protocol control bring powerful controls to medium to large scale projects. Hotels, Shopping Centres, Stadiums, Churches, Cruise Ships and high-end Restaurants have all benefitted from the flexibility the Evolution Lighting Control System.


    Behind the scenes of every Mode Evolution installation are the Power and Processor Units. These are both dimmer power brawn and control brain, in a uniquely small enclosure.

    Key features

      - Twelve channels of 10 amps resistive or inductive loads, user selectable for dimming/switching/1-10v operation.
      - Fully configurable control operation.
      - Multi-function dsi, dmx, m-bus, dali 0-10 volt and contact operation.
      - Astronomical time clock built in.
      - Intelligent self monitoring power supply.
      - Self program on installation facility for multi-unit applications.
      - Factory set default operation for quick installation / testing.
      - Circuit protection individual 10 amp type c mcb for each channel (2 per phase).
      - Emergency outputs fixed live mcb protected outputs for maintained emergency supplies.
      - Supply input 200-250 volt 50-60 hz. 40amp maximum. (110-120 volt option available).
      - Complies with EC EMC and low voltage directives (CE).
      - Mode products are guaranteed for two years.

    With a variety of power and circuit configurations and the ability to control mains dimmed, switched, 1-10v, DSI and DMX lighting with RS232 Integration as standard, Mode Evolution gives feature enabled platform from which to develop lighting control system designs. DALI control and Web interfaces are available to extend the system capabilities bringing all lighting and integration formats within the realms of an Evolution System.

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    Mode Evolution Control Plates


    The lighting within an installation can be manually controlled by a multi-button Control Plate.

    Key features

      - Single gang plate
      - Screwless fascias plate utilising the MK Aspect range 
      - Buttons available in either black or white
      - Multifunction buttons - scene recall, impulse and toggle
      - Indicator LED's with seven user selectable RGB colours and intensity. Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Orange and White.
      - Integral IR Infrared receiver
      - 1-4 Room Partition facility
      - Two volt-free contact switch inputs - Individually addressable and configurable
      - Keypad Lockout
      - Fault condition feedback via LED flashing
      - 2 year warranty

    The 10 Button Control Plate provides eight configurable buttons allowing scene recall, impulse and toggle and two multifunction buttons providing On & Raise and Off & Lower with integral IR receiver. All buttons have integral RGB LED's.

    The indicator LED's within the buttons are RGB and dimmable, therefore seven colours of selectable intensity are available. Where buttons have a multifunction i.e. Toggle On & Off, the LED colour can toggle, say Green & Red to provide current status.

    The Control Plates are connected to an Area Controller via the M-BUS network cable. The M-BUS provides the means of SELV communication between the Area Controller to Lighting Controllers and Control Devices

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  • Tiger Control Systems

    Mode Lighting Tiger Control Systems

    Tiger Power Units offer simple scene setting lighting control in a standard, compact, quick to install, contractor friendly package which can be configured and programmed onsite by the installer or end user without the need for specialist programming tools or training. Available in four different circuit and power configurations, units can be linked together creating flexible lighting controls for restaurants, bars, spas, boardrooms, theatres and offices.

    Tiger Systems comprise of high power units configurable for dimming and switching operation, which are controlled using simple push button control plates. Tiger Units can be linked together to create systems of up to 99 circuits which can be controlled as 10 separate areas, including partitioning facilities for ballroooms and boardrooms.

  • SceneStyle
  • Mirage Systems


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