Display Systems There are 3 products.

- Custom LED display solutions

- Indoor and outdoor screens

- 3 Year Warranty with all LED Systems

- Installation & Commissioning

- After Sales Maintenance

- Custom LED display solutions

- Indoor and outdoor screens

- 3 Year Warranty with all LED Systems

- Installation & Commissioning

- After Sales Maintenance



  • Edgeless HD Video Wall Displays

    Bezel-Free Edgeless Displays


    4x-60-inch-bezel-free-plasma.gif- Superior picture quality and performance

    - Infinitely expandable Display

    - 0.85mm Seamless Edge

    The 60 Inch Bezel-Less Plasma is an expandable video wall with no limitation on size. With a virtually seamless design viewers are able to see larger images without screen distortion. This cutting edge plasma technology provides a larger, clearer and brighter image than previous video wall predecessors.

    With an Ultra Narrow Edge of 0.85mm this solution offers a True 120 Inch 4K HD Resolution with 4 panels.

    Slim Design - Total Thickness of 55mm depth allows efficient use of space.

    Fast Response Time - 0.001ms and 600Hz subfield driving technology displays fast moving HD pictures with zero motion blur and clear image quality.

    Accurate Colour - Natural and accurate colour display

    Infinitely Expandable Multivision - Expandable to any size

    Can be utilised in conjunction with Akwil Multi Screen Management Systems

  • 3D TV Holographic Displays

    Enjoy stunning 3D without glasses

    Enjoy natural, stunning 3D images with Realcel glasses-free 3D display.

    It captures the attention and gives a more entertaining experience to the viewers, all without special glasses.



    Stunning 3D effect:Using the cutting-edge technology to create and deliver stunning pop-out images.
    Wide viewing angle:Free viewing within 120°.
    Excellent compatibility:Proprietary 3D media player is compatible with various 3D formats, including side-by-side view, top-and-bottom view, 8 views, 9 views.
  • LED Ceiling Displays

    LED Display Spektrum ManchesterLED Ceiling Panels and Displays

    25 pixel/sq.m & 64 pixel/sq.m solutions

    LED CEILING PANEL's can easily be cut every 20 cm (0.7'), and fitted to suit the dimensions of your ceiling.

    The LED Ceiling Display Panel's can be linked to Akwil AV Network Controllers which can be controlled buy Madrix DMX Sound to Light Software and Controllers.

    Size of Panels:     200 cm x 100 cm x 9 cm

                              (6.6' x 3.3' x 0.3')


    To find the right LED Ceiling Panel Display for you please contact us here with the location of your venue and your requirements.

  • LED Display Panel Systems

    Akwil LED Display Systems can be customised to suit your requirements.

    Curved LED X-Panel Display SystemSystem options include:

    - Flexible Indoor LED Display Panel Solutions

    - Flexible Outdoor LED Display Panel Solutions

    - Fixed Indoor Installation LED Display Panel Solutions

    - Fixed Outdoor Installation LED Display Panel Solutions

    - Rental Indoor LED Display Panel Solutions

    - Rental Outdoor LED Display Panel Solutions

    Contact us here to find the right solution for you.

  • LED Display Video Curtains

    The Ultimate in Flexible LED Display Video Curtains

    Designed for use with Akwil AV's Integration Solutions, our product can entertain and inspire your customers with Akwil AV's Real-time Sound to Light Automation and Integration Solutions. Contact us now to help us find the right solution for you.

  • LED Block Display Panels

    LED Block Display Panels

  • Interactive LED Dance Floors

    Our LED Interactive Dance Floors add a completely new angle on retro lighting.
    Allowing an age old design to become a totally multi-touch interactive floor display solution.
    Our systems are modular so you can decide on how large you require the dance floor.

    To find out the right solution for you please contact us here with your details, location and requirements



  • Projection Systems

    Projection systems and solutions include:

    - Video Mapping 

    - Conferencing AV Automation Projection 

    - Home AV Automation Projection 

    - Infomation Display AV Automation and Integration 

    - Retail Display Automation Management

  • Smart Film PDLC
    Smart Film PDLC
    Photovoltaic Film
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items


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