Spektrum LED Lighting

Akwil has over 40 years of experience in designing Lighting, Sound and AV Systems for hotels, spas, restaurants, holiday centres, houses and leisure parks.

Our lighting designs will change the way that you and your clients feel about their environment.

Akwil bring together a creative and intelligent approach to lighting and audio/visual design with an understanding of complex technical requirements. We can bridge the gap between the architect and the electrical engineers independent of all manufacturers.

We concentrate solely on achieving the most creative lighting solution for our clients, taking into account the aesthetics, functionality, flexibility and after sales maintenance and cost.

We work with architects, design teams and directly with clients. We specialise in the design and supply of wireless lighting and AV control systems, which can be installed in existing installation utilising existing wiring. Switches and dimmers are replaced by wireless remote controls. Commercial and home automation is our speciality.


  • Lighting Dimmers and Control Systems

    Lighting systems and solutions


    Choose from a range of lighting control systems or contact us to help find the right solution for you.

  • Modular LED Lighting

    Spektrum LED Lighting Ceiling Display System

    Akwil designs, develops and supplies energy efficient LED lighting innovations and provide high quality products and solutions that are brighter, longer lasting, cost effective and better for the environment.

    From Interactive Displays to true Sound to Light Video Automation, we can work with you to find the right solution which fits both your requirements and budget. Converting your existing lighting also need not be costly.

    We offer a full range of mains and low voltage LED retrofit replacements and integrated light fittings, dimmable and non-dimmable, for lighting of all sizes for commercial, retail, industrial and domestic use.

    Akwil’s Total Solution Approach Addressing the needs of the customer -

    We will ascertain your projects requirements relating to business aims, building purpose and usage, ambience required, Audio Visual integration and LED Lighting facilities for practicality and ease of use.

    Acoustic planning - Utilising MODELLER Software proprietary software and CAD, an accurate acoustic model of the space can be produced.

    This unique design tool is used to predict key sound parameters.

    Lighting planning - Whether it is you require CAD plans for Architects and Contractors or if you require in-depth Light Output Relux Modelling,

    Akwil can help design and supply the right solutions for you.

    Our product portfolio - We will select to suit your needs based on both your requirements and budget the appropriate products from our extensive portfolio of loudspeakers, amplifiers, control equipment, LED Lighting, Display Systems, AV Solutions and other products and accessories to create total sound and lighting management solutions.

    These include domestic solutions, commercial background/foreground music systems, for retail outlets, bars, restaurants and hotels or homes, long throw' loudspeakers for stadia and arenas; weatherproof units for outdoor applications; portable systems and total Sound & Lighting management systems for small or large scale facilities.

    Installation and commissioning - We are Bose Professional Authorised Installation Partners and can accommodate many specific requirements, whether solely for acoustic equipment or in association with the installation of video, lighting, display solutions, interactive sound and lighting for clubs or bars, or any other equipment you require integrating.

    Full commissioning follows quality control and functionality checks and includes precise measurement of performance and optimization of system settings for its location and you requirements.

    Project management - A dedicated Project Manager will prepare the contract and implementation schedule, manage compliance with statutory and local requirements, oversee staged delivery of equipment and ensure timely installation and commissioning.

    After sales service - offers full operator training, service and maintenance contracts and installation upgrades by Akwil Engineers.

    Call us now for a free consultation on 0161 872 7337 

  • Stage Lighting
    Stage Lighting
  • LED Bulbs and Fittings

    Akwil LED Lighting retrofit solutions for commercial and domestic applications.

  • Smart Wireless LED Lighting
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    Multiple Zone RGBW Wifi Controlled Lighting Solutions

    • Use your existing infrastructure and swap your existing lighting for Akwil's Full Colour RGBW RF-Wifi Multi-Zone Control LED Lighting.

    • Pick and choose from Akwil's range of smart wireless LED products which are assignable to any number of zones.

    • Control your lighting from your RF remote or from your iPhone or Android over Wifi.

    • Easy to install, easy to program, easy to control.

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  • LED Emergency Lighting

    LED Emergency Lighting

  • LED Track Lighting

    LED Track Lighting

  • LED Power Supplies

    LED Power Supplies

  • LED Moving Heads

    Motorised LED Moving Heads
    Colour Controlled RGB, RGBW, UV, Zoom Control, Twin Beam, Dual Beam Lighting Fittings

  • Aluminium LED Profiles
    Aluminium LED Profiles
  • Fibre Glow Optic Lighting
    Fibre Glow Optic Lighting solutions including options for End-Glow and Side-Glow PMMA Flexi Fibre Light
  • LED Furniture

    LED Bar and Club Furniture:
    LED Furniture Glamour Bar Tables Stools Armchairs RGB Battery Chargeable Colour Remote Controlled Furniture

    Full Colour Controlled LED Lighting Chairs, LED Stools, LED Tables, LED Bar tops, LED Planters, LED Letters, LED Numbers, LED Balls

    Call us know to find the right solution for you

  • ADJ Lighting
    ADJ Lighting

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