Smart Film PDLC

Smart Film PDLC Photovoltaic Film

Electrolytic Smart GLASS Switchable Smart Pdlc Film applies to any existing or new smooth glass surface. Easily switch from clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque).

Key Features

  • CE cerficate
  • Immediate control of privacy
  • Energy saving, reduced A/C cooling
  • Low power consumption
  • UV protection and stability
  • Exceptional optical quality
  • Easy maintenance

2 Installation types with Smart Film: Self Adhesive and Non Adhesive.

Cost works out at aproximately £650 per meter squared without adhesive and £780per meter squared with adhesive (Excl. VAT).

Sheets are factory custom cut to suit your requirements based on specifications submitted.

Custom shapes can also be produced provided shape fits within dimensions specified in order.

Items take 3 weeks to maufacture and 1 week to check test and deliver.

Although PDLC Film can be cut with specialist tailor scissors, we recommend having sheets cut to order by factory.

A buss bar 8mm deep will be fitted along the longest length, or 2 shorter buss bars can be fit at either end of the shorter lengths.

A 2 Core Cable will be supplied attached to the PDLC Sheet to connect to the Power Supply which can be switched on and off to control its use.

The Power Supply is usually rated between 36V AC and 48V AC depending on the size of sheets and how they are to be connected.

Above Calculated Costs Include for PSU's also in the prices.

We also have a huge range of wireless controls you can utilise to integrate you lighting, bilnds and PDLC to be simply controlled by wireless wall plates you can stick on anywhere and control via your phone too. Please see our Rako Selection of Wall Plates, Lighting and curtain Controls here

Any questions feel free to contact us, we are here to help :)

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It is capable of adjusting light transmission between transparent and opaque using AC power. Applied for making smart glass by lamination on glass, or Stick on any existing glass surface, to get a instant privacy on demand. It gets many functions, such as light adjustment, UV and infrared blocking, advertising and secutiry.

PDLC FILM Technology

Switchable, dimmable, projectable, wifi enable, privacy view with touch a button.

Switchable smart pdlc film is a combination of two electrically conductive films, filled with liquid crystals and polymer.

LC particles, by electrical connections, stand in one direction to let the light pass through and create transparency. As the current is off the particles are scattered in various directions; consequently they partially impede the pass of the light and cause the opacity.

How to make pdlc film: The film is composed by two layer ITO film, with liquid crystal coating in the middle of two ito film, with special glue mixed in liquid crystal, the two layer film be adhesive together firmly.

smart film tech info

Application of intelligent glass film

Electric tint for cars, It can be applied on car side window, rear widnow and also the sunroof.

Smart tint windows, It can be applied for windows & doors for any existing glass. Just stick the film and turn on it.

Smart glass windows residential, project screen, advertising and many more application.

smart film switched on off


PDLC FILM Category as per installation types: Self-adhesive pdlc film & Non-adhesive pdlc film

Difference of two type film: self-adhesive pdlc film with glue coating on one side of film, make the film can be easily stick on any existing glass penal surface. Non-adhesive pdlc film generally used for making switchable glass laminted in middle of two glass panel, or some project use doubled side clear tape, stick film on glass panel. Max. width for self-adhesive pdlc film is 1500mm, Max width of non-adhesive film is 1800mm, It maybe choosed as per different project  required.

PDLC FILM Category as per colors: now available color is White, grey, black, green, blue, pink and yellow.

PDLC FILM Category as per driving voltage:36vac film, 48vac film, 60vac film, 12vdc film.

Lower voltage driving.

Easy installation. Put film on the glass surface, it can be SELF ADHESIVE like mobile screen film, very simple operation.

Firm Stick. Adopting new glue coating technology, with time going, the film become much more firm on the glass.

Anti scratch.



  • 7 color for option( white color is most popular in application, some people also like smart tint black color)
  • 3 work Voltage types 36vac 48vac, 60vac, 48vdc.
  • Protection-98% UV Block
  • Wi-Fi enabled by instantly switching
  • Multi-control mode: dimming, switch, remote control, wifi control, inductive switch.
  • Energy saving
  • High clarity
  • Custom design option

 Operating Options

  • 110VAC-220VAC plug and play
  • Work rate of 3 Watts/Square meter
  • Temperature tolerances of -10F/ 180F
  • The fastest turn around times in the industry.
  • The highest level of quality control and a warranty

Smart Window Film Physical Features

  • 7 Color: white, grey, black, green, blue, pink, yellow
  • Size:max width for adhesive smart film:1.5meters, roll length can reach 50meters, 100meters or more. max width for non-adhesive smart film: 1.8meters, roll length can reach 50meters, 100meters or more.
  • All Size can be customized.
  • Any special shape of the film can be fabricated.

Swichable Privacy Film Installation and Maintenance

  •  Maintenance manual-Please keep film powered off when cleaning. Do not power until absolutely dry. Not disturb any electrical connections.Simple solution of water and small amount streak free detergent soap or Isopropyl alcohol and a lint free micro fiber cloth can be used for film cleaning. You may also clean the film with normal glass cleaner. Avoid harsh paper towels to prevent light scratches. Do not use any abrasive cleaner, industrial strength cleaner or other window cleaning tools that may scratch the film.
  • Switchable smart pdlc film installation type: self-adhesive smart film and non-adhesive smart film.Self-adhesive smart film is easily installed on any existing glass surface, with a peel and stick on the film. The glue on the film surface make it strong sitck on glass panel. So it dry installation, Please, note no wet installation for this film.Non-adhesive smart film is used for making smart glass. or using a double clear tape to install on any existing glass panel.
  • You see it is easy to install the film, you may also find some smart tint installers in your local market who have experience install window glass film.