Modular LED Lighting

Spektrum LED Lighting Ceiling Display System

Akwil designs, develops and supplies energy efficient LED lighting innovations and provide high quality products and solutions that are brighter, longer lasting, cost effective and better for the environment.

From Interactive Displays to true Sound to Light Video Automation, we can work with you to find the right solution which fits both your requirements and budget. Converting your existing lighting also need not be costly.

We offer a full range of mains and low voltage LED retrofit replacements and integrated light fittings, dimmable and non-dimmable, for lighting of all sizes for commercial, retail, industrial and domestic use.

Akwil’s Total Solution Approach Addressing the needs of the customer -

We will ascertain your projects requirements relating to business aims, building purpose and usage, ambience required, Audio Visual integration and LED Lighting facilities for practicality and ease of use.

Acoustic planning - Utilising MODELLER Software proprietary software and CAD, an accurate acoustic model of the space can be produced.

This unique design tool is used to predict key sound parameters.

Lighting planning - Whether it is you require CAD plans for Architects and Contractors or if you require in-depth Light Output Relux Modelling,

Akwil can help design and supply the right solutions for you.

Our product portfolio - We will select to suit your needs based on both your requirements and budget the appropriate products from our extensive portfolio of loudspeakers, amplifiers, control equipment, LED Lighting, Display Systems, AV Solutions and other products and accessories to create total sound and lighting management solutions.

These include domestic solutions, commercial background/foreground music systems, for retail outlets, bars, restaurants and hotels or homes, long throw' loudspeakers for stadia and arenas; weatherproof units for outdoor applications; portable systems and total Sound & Lighting management systems for small or large scale facilities.

Installation and commissioning - We are Bose Professional Authorised Installation Partners and can accommodate many specific requirements, whether solely for acoustic equipment or in association with the installation of video, lighting, display solutions, interactive sound and lighting for clubs or bars, or any other equipment you require integrating.

Full commissioning follows quality control and functionality checks and includes precise measurement of performance and optimization of system settings for its location and you requirements.

Project management - A dedicated Project Manager will prepare the contract and implementation schedule, manage compliance with statutory and local requirements, oversee staged delivery of equipment and ensure timely installation and commissioning.

After sales service - offers full operator training, service and maintenance contracts and installation upgrades by Akwil Engineers.

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  • 3D LED Tubes - Bars - Pendants - Cubes - Pixels

    3D LED Tubes - LED Cubes - LED Strips - LED Pixels and LED Digital Bars for Club Lighting

    club-ink-lighting-neon-akwil-installatioWe can design and spec to suit both your requirements and budget.

    Tailoring Modular LED Lighting, Pro Sound Systems and Solutions to suit your needs is our speciality.

    Contact us here with your requirements to see how Akwil AV can help you.

  • Motorised LED Displays

    Kinetic RGB LED DMX Pixel Ball Pendant System 20cm High Speed Motorised Winch and Colour Ball 0.5m per sec DMX512  8CH

  • LED Matrix RGBW Pixel Projector

    The LED DMX Dot Matrix Projector in conjunction with Akwil AV Solutions allows you to create a bespoke controlled sound to light projection solution to suit you space. Our systems are modular so you can decide on how many projectors and controllers you require depending on the size of your venue. This is a good solution for generating effects on High Cielings and Large Archways or Walls.

    To find out the right solution for you please contact us here with your details, location and requirements, and we will endeavour to meet your requirments.

  • LED Neon Flex

    LED Neon-Flex Plus is the next generation of patented LED Neon-Flex with light output equivalent to glass neon.


    NeonFlex+ has been engineered to achieve a lumen efficacy of 36.1Lm/w and 63Lm/Ft.  LED Neon-Flex for the first time can now be viewed as direct replacement to traditional glass Neon.

    The increased lumen output is a direct result of using high quality materials, high brightness LEDs coupled with an enhanced PVC mixture used in the main housing extrusion process. This optical gain enhancing PVC increases homogenization of the light effect which translates the maximum amount of lumens consistently delivered to the surface of the Neon-Flex Plus.

    In comparison to white glass neon, the luminous efficacy of white +Plus achieves an equivalent brightness of 36.1Lm/W while using 6.6 times less energy. The Lumens efficacy and power consumption of the primary colors red, green, blue, Orange and yellow LED Neon-Flex™ Plus are significantly comparable to glass neon as well.

    LED Neon Flex +Plus colors include White, Warm White, Ultra-Warm White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green and Hot Pink.


    • UL/CUL E126962
    • 3 Year Limited Warranty
    • Consistent and Stringent Wavelength control standards +/-5nm
    • New Ultrabright LEDs
    • Flexible
    • Unique PVC double jacket design
    • White PVC Base Layer to increase luminosity
    • Durability, Impact Resistant.
    • Weather Resistant
    • Low Voltage Options
    • Low Heat
    • Longer Life
    • Easy to Install
    • Extremely Low Maintenance Costs
    • 70% less energy consumption of glass neon
    • Does not interfere with Video/Audio systems nearby.

    Product Types

    • 24V, 120V, 240V AC/DC
    • Color Jacket & Opaque Jacket

    High Output with Even Brightness

    LED Neon Flex Plus is comprised of a string of LED’s spaced at a specific distance apart that illuminates our patented oval-shaped diffuser to produce light with uniformity of neon-like brightness with no chromatic aberrations.

    LED Neon-Flex Plus VS Glass Neon Chart


    Parameter LED Neon-Flex Plus Replacement Ø8 Glass Neon LED Neon-Flex Plus
    (Benefits) over Glass Neon
    3Ft. White LED Neon-Flex Plus 3Ft. White Common Ø8 Glass Neon
    Light Source: LED Neon Gas Fluorescent LED is solid state semi conductor technology which offers great benefits in energy savings and environmental protection
    Input Voltage: 24V/120V/240V 3KV-18KV >LED Neon-Flex Plus safely operates at 12, 24, 120 and 240 Volts. Glass neon often operates at 15,000 Volts producing lots of heat making it a fire hazard.
    EMI (Electro Magnet Interference) LOW HIGH LED Neon-Flex Plus creates insignificant EMI compared to Glass Neon
    Luminous Efficacy (Lm/W) 36.1 35 3% higher
    Lm/Foot 63 Lm/Ft. 59.15 Lm/Ft. LED Neon-Flex Plus Lm/FT exceeds that of Glass Neon by as much as 6% with Red.
    Environmental Considerations No Mercury Pollution Mercury Pollution LED Neon-Flex Plus is safe for the environment and the public as it contains no toxic materials like Mercury which is found in Glass Neon
    Installation Easy/Entry Skill Level Difficult/Requires Master
    Craftsmanship Skill Level
    LED Neon-Flex Plus is flexible, and is easy to cut, bend, and shape, unlike Glass Neon which requires a master craftsman level of experience to produce, shape, and install.
    Flexibility Flexible Rigid LED Neon-Flex Plus is a flexible solution that requires no heating to bend or shape.
    Durability Unbreakable Breakable LED Neon-Flex Plus is made of high quality flame retardant PVC's and is flexible unlike Glass which shatters easily.
    Warranty 36 Months Limited Warranty No Warranty against Breakage LED Neon-Flex Plus is very dependable. Manufacture defects will be replaced for 36 months.

    LED Neon Flex Plus & Color Jacket Plus Specifications

    Item No.
    240V AC
    120V AC
    24V DC
    Roll Length
    49.4 Meters
    150 Feet
    150 Feet
    LED Spacing
    Cutting Unit
    1.8W/Ft (R,Y,O)
    Max Load

    150 Watts/6Amps DC


    Light Output +Plus Series

    Total Output (Lm/Ft)

    LED Neon Size Regular Neon Flex

    LED Neon Minimum Bend Radius

  • LED Strip Lighting

    LED RGB Strip Lighting

    LED Strip LightingOur high quality, ultra bright RGB LED strip lighting ranges from 30 LEDs per metre to 60 LEDs per metre.

    IP65 rated for outdoor use and wet conditions.

    We supply in this product in 5 metre strips.

    The strip can be cut every 10cm.

    Individual colours are also available.

    For RGB strip lighting, a controller and power supply is necessary for every 10 metres.

  • LED RGB Wash

    LED RGB Wash

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