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Music Engine Licenced Music Managers:

Music Engine - The licenced music engine audio manager content, hardware, software and licence
You will find here all Music Engine solutions available.

From single channel to multi-channel audio controlled zone options.
Licenced audio streaming channels or locally manged audio storage options are available.

Tribe of Noise Online Royalty Free Background Music Manager:

Tribe Of Noise Royalty Free Music

Tribe of Noise Akwil Discount Access to Royalty Free Background Music for Businesses PRS and PPL-free music to match your brand

Save time and money with our royalty free, background music service.

Tribe of Noise offers PRS and PPL-free music to match your brand.

Featuring tracks from our 50,000 talented independent artists, and select a mix that will boost your business and reduce your overheads every single month. It’s that simple.

50,000+ artists

We represent a growing global community of talented independent artists. We reward our artists fairly by guaranteeing they get paid when their music is played.

2,500+ locations

Our background music is already enhancing the brand experience of thousands of shops, hotels, gyms, cafés and even offices. Each business location has selected the sounds that best suits their unique customer base.

Connected by Tribe of Noise

We want you to think of us as a friend who’s made you an awesome mix tape to brighten up your work day and get your business thriving. We love music, treat our artists as stars, deliver fine-tuned music choices to brands and remove all the unnecessary hassle in between.