Projection Systems

Projection systems and solutions include:

- Video Mapping

- Conferencing AV Automation Projection

- Home AV Automation Projection

- Infomation Display AV Automation and Integration

- Retail Display Automation Management


  • Projectors
    For more than ten years Optoma has been one of the world’s foremost projector designers and manufacturers - amongst the very few companies that focus exclusively on projectors.

    Today the Optoma ProScene range represents the evolution of projection expertise, honed and refined by manufacturing and supporting millions of projectors the world over. This knowledge and skill has been distilled into the ProScene products and support services which are designed specifically for demanding professional applications.

    • Higher education
    • Lecture theatres
    • Houses of worship
    • Museums
    • Boardrooms
    • Broadcast studios
    • Large classrooms
    • Exhibitions
    • Conference rooms
    • Digital signage
    • Stage shows
    • Live events
    • Projection mapping
    • Meeting rooms
  • Screens


  • Accessories

    Projector Accesories

  • Lens

    Projector Lens

  • Universal Bracket Mounts

    Universal Bracket Mounts

  • Document Readers

    Document Readers / Visualisers

    Bring crystal clear detail to the classroom

    Share even the smallest objects or detailed experiments with a larger audience using one of Optoma's document cameras. Suitable for classrooms, lecture theatres, boardrooms and auditoriums, it's a great way to give your students a more interactive learning experience.

    Visualise the future

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