Design & Installation

Tailored lighting, sound and AV systems to suit your requirements. From concept to completion, we can help you find an identity for your venue.

We have over 40 years of experience in design and installation of lighting, sound and AV solutions. We have catered for a wide range of venues from nightclubs, restaurants, holiday centres, leisure parks and residential homes.

Akwil Ltd is a professional team of advisors geared at providing customers with only the best in service, solutions, and equipment. Our experienced team will use the latest technology to plan every aspect of your event's production design.

Our services can account for

  • - Budget

  • - Logistics

  • - Sound System Design and Services

  • - Structural Needs Assessments

  • - Lighting Systems Design and Services

  • - AV Automation and integration

  • - Power Needs

  • - Trucking

  • - Rigging

  • - A/V Production Programs

  • - Program Video Consultation

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  • Clubs & Venues

    Give Your Venue a Personality of Its Own

    At Akwil we have a rich history of giving clubs and venues across the UK a living, breathing persona. We deliver breath-taking and extraordinary lighting, sound and AV solutions that will amaze your guests!

    Night Club and Venue Tailored Lighting, Sound and AV Solutions

    We will provide an entire solution from ideas, designs, and creation to installation Akwil has been designing late night music venues for over 40 years and are experts in the nightclub sector.

    Akwil takes its custom approach to the boardroom: no installation is the same, and should never be treated as such.

    Our trained team of engineers will put together a design-build solution to meet the needs of the client in an orderly turnaround time.

    All equipment supplied and installed by Akwil Ltd. utilize best of breed technologies needed for a nightclub design and our products come with an Akwil Ltd. warranty.

    Akwil Ltd specializes in the construction and refitting of Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants and entertainment venues.

    From technology based works such as,


    sankeys spektrum

    -  LED lighting and interactive automation,

    -  Sound to Light Audio Visual Projection Mapping

    - Quality Professional Sound Systems both Analogue and Digital

    - CCTV & Security Infrastructure

    - Fire and Evacuation Alarms & Integration

    - Design, planning and installation of Venues

    Akwil Ltd. offers a complete solution for your project, whether it is a simple new sound system for your restaurant, to the building of a new bowling alley.

    Akwil Ltd offers a complete Lighting & Sound System Design and builds service for nightclubs, bars, pubs, restaurants and many other venues. If you are looking for someone to simply assist with your club design or need a company to completely renovate or build a venue, we can tailor a solution specifically to your needs.

    Nightclub design is one of the most boast-worthy services we supply, having created some spectacular venues that are known world-wide for their flair and innovation. Our history stretches back decades working with famous brands such as Sankeys, Club Ink, Analog Brooklyn, Hacienda, One Central, Park Hall Hitman&Her, Stringfellows, Millionaires, Hippodrome, Oscars, Placemate7 and many more all with a unique experience of their time.

    Akwil Ltd. expertly create and deliver a nightclub design that not only fits the brief perfectly but stays within the budget, offering the best results for your money.

    Akwil Ltd have been chosen for nightclub design in a variety of countries from Dubai to New York often resulting in a nightclub design that becomes the most popular night time location for the cities in which they are situated. Some nightclub designs that present Akwil's ability to fulfil any brief can be seen on the Project page, displaying the vastness of the designs and the adaptability of our staff.

    Nightclub Design Process:

    Survey - Design - Supply - Install - Program - Training - Maintain


    Our nightclub designers have a full understanding of todays audience, and are able to adapt to any culture or other specifics that are required within your brief. From student union bars to nightclubs in Manchester and London your nightclub design will be tailored to suit you, your area and your customer. We also supply a range of products that can replace existing equipment within your nightclub, offering the chance to update your environment without having a complete refurbishment.

    If you re looking for nightclub design, renovation or refurbishment, we would love to hear from you

    Helping you achieve your vision with Akwil's decades of experience.

  • Restaurants & Bars

    Restaurant & Bar Lighting and Sound Solutions

    Create the perfect ambience for your Restaurant and Bar


    Akwilhave been creating, designing and installing lighting and sound solutions for restaurants and bars for over four decades. Our wealth of experience has allowed us to create restaurant and bars with perfect lighting and sound ambiences to our client’s exact requirements.

    From the idea stage to design and all the way through to installation and maintenance. Akwil will create the perfect balance of sound and lighting depending on your venue.


    Want to find out more on how Akwil can create a perfect atmosphere for your restaurant and bar?

    Contact us to arrange your initial one-to-one consultation.

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  • Retail Lighting and AV Solutions

    Give Your Retail Establishment an Identity

    Akwil has been pushing the boundaries creating lighting and sound systems for retail shops and department stores for over 4 decades. We can create retail environments which will reinforce your brand and create an atmosphere to drive sales.

    From design, supply, installation, refit or maintenance, we can provide you with reliable solutions your company can depend on.


    In the Retail Sector we Specialise in:


    Background Music Systems -  Themed Controlled LED Lighting  -  LED Display Systems  -  Custom & Remote System Automation  -  Design & Installation


    We have been installing sound and lighting systems in some of the best venues for around 40 years and have a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers. Throughout the UK we have a portfolio of both past and present customers who have experienced a professional sound and lighting system supplied by Akwil.

    For the last 40 years Akwil have been designing, installing and maintaining equipment in all styles of venues, ranging from night clubs to bars, bowling alleys to laser studios and theme parks to restaurants.

    We work alongside many manufacturers of high quality sound to ensure we are able to offer the perfect solution to meet with your requirements. We have installed many systems for high end retail outlets enabling them to replicate their identities nationwide with our content delivery solutions


    Contact us for details, questions or quotes!

  • Hospitality

    Make Your Hospitality Venue Functional

    Akwil has designed, developed, supplied, installed and maintained numerous systems and solutions for the hospitality sector including hotels, holiday villages, conference systems, boardrooms, display systems, managed media solutions and automation infrastructure.

    We know that each one of our hospitality clients have unique and varying requirements for their venues. We take each one of them into consideration and design and create a solution that will be perfect for each need.

    What we do

    Our hotel sound systems are pre-configured to make it easy to specify and purchase the perfect complete BGM (background music) and paging audio systems solution for your hotel. All of our sound systems are designed by Pro Acoustics' engineers and are ready to perform right out of the box or as a starting point for a more customized solution for your specific needs and budget.

    Our hospitality solutions deliver consistent high-performance background music while adding to your guests stay.

    Enjoy exceptional audio quality from simple background music systems to more sophisticated multi zone distributed speaker systems and zone control for different music formats tailored for hotel lobbies, guest rooms, meeting rooms, and multi-room music coverage and paging capabilities. If your venue needs outdoor sound, upgrade your system with ease; just add additional zones with themed entertainment and or paging capability.

    We carry Bose Hospitality Products and many world class Commercial and Pro Audio products such as, in ceiling speakers, on wall, indoor outdoor, paging horns and portable sound systems for every application.

    Any audio source can be integrated such as, Pandora, Bluetooth, Computer, iPod, iPad, SirusXM Radio, MP3, TV Sound; Multi-Disc CD player can be used.


    Attract and retain loyal guests with our custom audio video solutions for hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theaters and other businesses in the hospitality industry

    If you manage or own a hotel, restaurant, or other business in the hospitality sector, then you understand the importance of customer service. Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where your guests can feel at home is vital to your business's continued success however, keeping up with growing expectations is getting increasingly difficult to accomplish.

    Look around at the next hotel or restaurant you walk into and take notice of the sheer number of audiovisual technologies surrounding you're TV monitors, touchscreen displays, sound systems, lighting, surveillance and AV technology is everywhere!

    In restaurants, hotels, holiday villages and similar businesses, customer service is paramount. Delivering to rising expectations means providing video conferencing, digital signage and control technology that manages integrated systems.

    Understanding the relationship between process and products is how we deliver the best AV solutions for our hospitality clients. Hotels, bars, and restaurants serve a wide range of groups that require flexible and easy-to-use meeting spaces, digital signage that shares current and upcoming events and AV resources that allows for flexible spaces.

    The strategy for video, audio, and control systems in these environments must consider quick turnaround times between meeting space reservations, minimize disruptions to daily hotel or park operations, and can include onsite staff that manage and support those systems.

    Contact us for details, questions or quotes!

  • Commercial

    Lighting and AV Display Solutions for Commercial Properties

    Get Akwil LED lighting for your business to reduce your costs.

    At Akwil we can provide a range of lighting and AV solutions for your business. Our solutions are designed and installed with reducing overheads in mind, through the use of our Retrofit LED light fittings. Which can be easily installed into a pre-existing lighting solution, saving you and your business money.

    What we do

    We can also provide public address (PA) systems and infrastructure automation for any commercial building to fit your exact needs. Make your business property your ideal business environment with unique office lighting designs and solutions.

    Our Commercial Sound Systems are all pre-configured to make it easy to specify and purchase the perfect complete commercial audio solution for your application.

    All of our systems are designed by Pro Acoustics' engineers and are ready to perform right out of the box or as a starting point for a more customized solution for your specific needs and budget.

    Designed with Mixers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Horns, Microphones, Wireless, Racks and Accessories that can standup to rigorous use and the demanding of operating hours (24/7 365) of commercial installations.

    We specialize in durable quality performance 100/70 volt distributed audio speakers and systems.

    The products and designs are practical, very reliable and cost-effective solution for public address installations.

    All of our designs are scalable and include everything needed.

    Most designs can be shipped the same day the order is placed. From the smallest spaces to the largest commercial locations, we offer complete audio systems that deliver high-performance sound and operational versatility required for paging, foreground/background music, and public address (PA) announce systems.

    At Akwil, we provide full-service consultation, installation, design, integration and support for a wide range of commercial AV needs, including:

    Conference Rooms

    Conference rooms are at the heart of corporate collaboration spaces. Give your team all the resources they need to brainstorm ideas and strategies for moving your company forward.

    Training Rooms

    The hardest part about recruiting new talent isn't the hiring process, its training. Help your new recruits succeed by providing a state-of-the-art learning and guide to systematic automation and effective maintenance.

    Meeting Rooms & Boardrooms

    When determining the direction of your company or meeting with important clients, a professional space with state-of-the-art design and automation tools is the best way to underscore your professionalism

    Hotels & Hospitality

    Whether you manage a hotel, restaurant or bar, we can help you create a warm and entertaining space for guests by installing the latest in audio/visual and lighting technology.

    No matter the type of business, your ability to communicate is crucial to success.

    At Akwil Ltd, we practice what we preach by taking a simple approach we listen. Whether you're in need of a corporate boardroom and collaboration space, or restaurant and hotel solutions, our AV systems integrators aim to help you better understand modern audio/visual technologies and find the solution that best fits your needs.


    Other Commercial AV Solutions by Akwil Ltd:

    • - Video Walls

    • - Digital Signage

    • - Video Conferencing

    • - Control Systems

    • - Auditoriums

    • - Network Operation Centers

    • - Networked IP Solutions

    • - Structured Cabling


    Our Commercial Integration Team provides a full range of expert technology solutions for some of the world's leaders in energy and exploration, aerospace and defense, medical and pharmaceutical companies, legal firms, manufacturers and other industries:

    • - Consultation. During the initial consultation, we'll ask you a series of questions to determine your needs and desires. Our knowledgeable audio/visual consultants will also carefully inspect the space to calculate which equipment will deliver the best results.
    • - Design. Once we fully understand your needs, our AV engineers will design an innovative and creative solution tailored just for you, using the principles of advanced acoustics, electrical engineering, computer science and physics to fine-tune your custom setup.
    • - Installation. Once the planning and design phases are finalized, our systems integrators will expertly oversee and manage the installation of the AV equipment, and test the system to ensure everything works as it should.
    • - Integration. Our job isn't over after everything is installed. As part of our service, we'll guarantee that the new AV or lighting system is successfully integrated into your existing infrastructure and provide employee or customer training on how to use it.
    • - Support. Ongoing maintenance and service support is yet another component of the AKWIL package. With great communication and rapid response times from our skilled service technicians, you'll never be left stranded.

    The highly experienced commercial integrators at Akwil offer much more than just installation services we also deliver customized commercial AV solutions that provide optimal results for your space and maximum ROI for your technology budget. We specialize in the kind of tailor-made commercial AV integration you can only get from a team with a combined experience of over 40 years.

    Contact us for details, questions or quotes!

  • Domestic

    Domestic Lighting and AV Solutions

    Make Your Home. Your Home

    Akwil has designed, installed and maintained integrated lighting and automated audio visual systems for over two decades. Get the home lighting and AV system you have always dreamed of with Akwil.

    We can examine your current living space, design and create a perfect integrated lighting and AV solution


    What we do

    Our surround sound and home entertainment systems are pre-configured to make it easy to specify and purchase the perfect complete audio solution for your home.

    All of our systems are designed by Pro Acoustics engineers and are ready to perform right out of the box or as a starting point for a more customized solution for your specific needs and budget. Our home stereo solutions deliver consistent high-performance, full-bodied, room-filling sound.

    Enjoy exceptional audio quality from simple home entertainment music systems to more sophisticated multi zone distributed speaker systems with zone control for different music formats and wireless connectivity tailored for home theatre, surround sound, and whole home audio.

    Any audio source can be integrated such as, Multiroom Sound, Pandora, Bluetooth, Computer, iPod, iPad, Infotainment Severs, SirusXM Radio, Spotify, MP3, TV Sound, Multi-Disc CD player can be used.

    Automation of the home is no longer a fantasy of science fiction novels it's here and now. With the advent of smart technology, today's homeowners can reap the benefits of residential A/V technology to enhance their home's value, security and efficiency. Whether you are interested in simplifying or enriching your North Texas home, there is a residential AV solution for you, and our Dallas home automation installers can help you find it!

    Akwil is the fastest growing audio visual systems integration company in Manchester. Our dependable and capable home automation specialists have over 40 years of combined experience in residential AV system installation. Whether you are building a new home or looking to renovate an older one let our premier smart home automation installers design and delivers the best residential solutions for your space.


    Home Theater Installation
    Forget about the cinema. With your own private home cinema room, you and your guests can enjoy your favorite flicks under the comfort of your own roof. We’ll integrate special acoustic and audio treatments into your theater to deliver the ultimate movie-watching experience


    Whole House Audio
    If you enjoy music with friends or on your own, then you should speak with one of our expert audio consultants today about integrating a state-of-the-art multi-room audio system in your media room, family room, entertainment room, listening room, etc. We can install speakers that blend with your decor or are concealed altogether

    If you are ready to take the next step in your home automation project, consider partnering with AKWIL LTD. Our team of highly skilled residential AV consultants, engineers and technicians can seamlessly integrate the latest models and best brands in audio visual equipment into your home, and help you unlock the many benefits of smart home automation.

    Akwil Ltd is your portal into the exciting world of smart home automation. We deliver a wide range of residential AV solutions, including:

    • - Home Theater (Home Cinema)

    • - Whole-House/Multi-Room audio/video

    • - Outdoor Entertainment Systems

    • - Lighting Controls

    • - Home Security Systems

    • - Smart Home Automation

    Our AV technicians are standing by to listen to your needs, turn your vision into reality, and make your house the smartest on the block!

    Contact our residential automation experts to get a quote for our AV products and services – including home audio, entertainment and security.

  • Education Sector

    Akwil is equipped with the knowledge and resources to help your school, college or university overcome the challenges faced on a daily basis.

    Akwil can help you assess your needs for design supply and installation of;

    - Lighting including carbon reduction products & solutions

    - Integrated Sound with Voice Evacuation systems for Communication and Alerts

    - Audio Visual Automation

    - Theatrical Solutions

    - Whiteboard and Touch Screen Educational Solutions

    - Information display management.

    Each of our clients have there own unique requirements. Based on your brief and budget we can tailor a range of solutions which can be either implemented together or in phases if it suits you best.

    Please contact us on 0161 872 7337 to find the right solutions to suit your requirements.

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    school intercom system

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    school ip pa system

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