Control Systems & Software

Control Systems and Software

Give Your AV Solution a Beating Heart

The best AV solution in the world can only be successful with the right control system and software to work with it.

All of our lighting and audio solutions are powered by our highly powerful control systems saving you time, money and effort.

Our systems allow your staff to forget about the daily routine of setting up your AV solutions. Allow yourself to be free and enjoy the experience you are providing by letting our software take care of everything.

All of our control and software systems come with an installation service and we will be able to train you on your newly purchased system.

- Our comprehensive range of Control Systems & Podule Controllers are capable of being used individually or networked together to create diverse control applications.

- They are also suitable for mission critical systems where status feedback and redundancy are required.

- Our systems can relieve your staff continual daily setup routines which can offen be automated to suit you requirements.


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