Podule Programmable Controllers

Podule Programmable Controllers

Modular programmable controllers for bespoke automation and professional control solutions.


  • Podule Programmable Controllers Accessories

    Podule Programmable Controllers Accessories

  • Axium Prgrammable Controllers

    Axium, a new range of control products that offers a smart automation solution, making it easy to intelligently control every aspect of your home or business.

    By integrating everything from lighting control, music, home theater, climate control, security even iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets a smart system by Axium will enhance your life and provide added convenience.

    It all starts with the controllers AX-R1D or AX-R4D , the central hub of every Axium system. Each model allows you to build anything from a basic home theater system to a whole-home automation solution.

    Then add the user interface. This can be a colour LCD touch screen (KPC 2.8-IP), Android tablet, I-Pad, or smart phone.

    These can be programmed to suit your needs and offer an easy to use in-wall or wireless control interface.

  • AV Ethernet Products
    AV Ethernet Products
  • AV Adapters and Buffers
    Adapters - A series of adapters to solve may connection and installation problems.

    Buffers - A series of of active video buffer when you need to get that signal that bit further.
  • AV Euro Plates
    AV Euro Plates
  • AV Back Box & Enclosures
    AV Back Box & Enclosures

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