LED Bulbs and Fittings

Akwil LED Lighting retrofit solutions for commercial and domestic applications.


  • LED Downlights

    Akwil have developed a range of dimmable downlight solutions for both comercial and domestic purposes.

    Our products have been tailored to suit the UK marketplace at 240V AC +/-25V to compensate for any mains irregularities and can handle surges of up to 3000V.

    Akwil LED Drivers are all ECA Compliant, CE & RoHS.

    Our range of downlights offer colour render quality of CRI>90 (the sun is 100), this makes a big difference with greater reading inteligability than others on the market.

    Dimmable on Analogue Dimmers, Leading Edge and Trailing Edge Triac Dimmers.

    If you have any questions on our products and services, please feel free to contact us by clicking here

  • LED Dimmable Lamp Bulbs

    LED Bulbs - Dimmable LED Bulbs designed for the UK

    Akwil Dimmable LED Bulbs include a vast range of 240V Dimmable, Frosted or Clear High Lumen Light Bulbs, 0-265V AC.

    The Akwil LED Dimmable Lamp Bulbs eluminate like the traditional incandescent bulbs, with a 330 Degree wide viewing angle of light dispersion, and 100% to 5% true dimming for all Leading Edge, Trailing Edge, Triac & Analogue dimmers.

    Our product even works on Dimmers which usually require minimum loads of 40W.

    Our Clear model diffracts light like a traditional clear incandescent bulb.

    Our Frosted model diffracts light more evenly like a traditional frosted incandescent bulb.

    High Lumens per Watt

    High Lifespans

    Low Power Consumption

    High Power Factor Corrections 95%

    Ra90 offering highest quality of light rendering

    ECA Compliant , RoHS, CE.

    IES files available upon request.

  • LED Tubes - T8 T10

    LED Tubes T8, T10 Replacements

    We have a large selection of LED tubes to replace 2ft. 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft fluorescent T8, T10 lighting.

    Warm White (2800-3000k), Natural White (4000-4500k), Cool White (6000-6500k) Colour Temperatures are available with either diffused or clear lenses to suit your requirements.



    You can click here to enlarge or download the Akwil LED Tubes High Brightness Series PDF file.


    Our LED Retrofit Tubes are more energy efficient than a T5 fluorescent replacement.

    Contact us to see how we can help you:

    - Reduce Maintenance Costs,
    - Reduce Electricity Bills,
    - Remove the need of future repacement purchases for 65000 hrs.

  • LED Ceiling Panels
    LED Ceiling Panels
  • LED Strips Lighting

    Akwil IP66 LED Strip High Brightness Series

    Waterproof IP66 Parylene Thin Film Coating ensures a clear, brighter, lighter more Flexible alternative to discolouring, brittle, light diminishing Epoxy alternatives.
    - Nano film vacuum sealed coating Parylene Compound C 
    - Light weight unlike silicone products
    - Does not become brittle over time like silicone products do.
    - Does not discolour over time like silicone products do.
    - Even dispersion of current throughout
    - High efficiency circuitry with low oz Copper
    - Wide angle of light dispersion
    - Over 50,000 hours life expectancy
    - High light output at a reduced energy consumption of up to 50%

    Register online and contact us here with your requirements and we will tailor a solution for you.

  • LED Floods Lights

    High Powered , High Lumen / Watt High Brightness Series LED Flood Lights

  • High Bay LED Lighting

    High Bay LED Lighting - 30W, 50W, 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 300W

    LED High-Bay Lighting options include CREE XPE, CREE XPG, Osram, Epistar, Bridgelux, Cool White Warm White Neutral White led light bulb high bay replacements

  • Coloronix Lighting

    Coloronix Lighting:

    InternaMix: Aesthetically pleasing-color mixing technologies, providing a smooth 1-color light output at the fixtures level with no RGB pixelation at close proximities or rainbow effects in shadows.


    DMX Direct: Allows control of each unit with a separate four-channel DMX address. No need to access remote data enablers for data feeds.

    Listed by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories like UL and ETL, to ensure utmost safety and no job site issues with site inspectors.

    RGBW Color Packages : Utilizes one Red, Green, Blue and an additional white LED to allow for a true white design and allow for pastel colors not able to be produced with typical RGB fixtures. 120V Line Voltage direct input allows for quick and easy installation. No need to install additional power supplies or calculate voltage drops.

    ColorRay: Pre-Programmed Data-Enabled fixtures come standard for use with lower budget installations where advanced DMX Controls are not needed. Stand-alone static and dynamic sequences can be called up using on board DIP switches.

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