LED Dimmable Lamp Bulbs

LED Bulbs - Dimmable LED Bulbs designed for the UK

Akwil Dimmable LED Bulbs include a vast range of 240V Dimmable, Frosted or Clear High Lumen Light Bulbs, 0-265V AC.

The Akwil LED Dimmable Lamp Bulbs eluminate like the traditional incandescent bulbs, with a 330 Degree wide viewing angle of light dispersion, and 100% to 5% true dimming for all Leading Edge, Trailing Edge, Triac & Analogue dimmers.

Our product even works on Dimmers which usually require minimum loads of 40W.

Our Clear model diffracts light like a traditional clear incandescent bulb.

Our Frosted model diffracts light more evenly like a traditional frosted incandescent bulb.

High Lumens per Watt

High Lifespans

Low Power Consumption

High Power Factor Corrections 95%

Ra90 offering highest quality of light rendering

ECA Compliant , RoHS, CE.

IES files available upon request.

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