Bose L1 Portable Systems

Bose L1 Model 2

Bose L1 Portable Systems

Highly portable loudspeaker that lets you hear what your audience hears.

  • Unique vertical design projects sound waves forward and to the sides for 180-degree coverage with reduced reverberation.
  • Tight vertical control resulting in slower volume drop off.
  • Portable unit combines PA and monitors so you can hear what your audience hears.


Enjoy consistent, even sound you can take from gig to gig.

As a performer, you're only as good as what your audience can hear. Bose's family of portable PA systems are designed to bring consistent coverage to the stage, club floor or the corner of the pub.

008_Bose_L1_environmental.jpgWhether you're a solo musician, mobile DJ or a full band, our systems provide higher vocal projection and speech clarity. Wider horizontal dispersion and consistent tonal balance bring the same sound to every member of the audience, with stronger output levels across longer distances. Let Bose's portable PA systems help you capture your audience with quality sound you can easily bring from gig to gig.

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