Edgeless HD Video Wall Displays

Bezel-Free Edgeless Displays


4x-60-inch-bezel-free-plasma.gif- Superior picture quality and performance

- Infinitely expandable Display

- 0.85mm Seamless Edge

The 60 Inch Bezel-Less Plasma is an expandable video wall with no limitation on size. With a virtually seamless design viewers are able to see larger images without screen distortion. This cutting edge plasma technology provides a larger, clearer and brighter image than previous video wall predecessors.

With an Ultra Narrow Edge of 0.85mm this solution offers a True 120 Inch 4K HD Resolution with 4 panels.

Slim Design - Total Thickness of 55mm depth allows efficient use of space.

Fast Response Time - 0.001ms and 600Hz subfield driving technology displays fast moving HD pictures with zero motion blur and clear image quality.

Accurate Colour - Natural and accurate colour display

Infinitely Expandable Multivision - Expandable to any size

Can be utilised in conjunction with Akwil Multi Screen Management Systems

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