Rako Wireless and Wired Smart Controls


Mood lighting systems offer the user the ability to recall a scene, or mood of lighting at the touch of a button whilst controlling multiple circuits and lamp types. Circuits split to define zones and highlight room features are programmed to suit the different uses of a space with scene changes incorporating fade times to give subtle lighting transitions.

Energy Saving

Dimming lamps has always saved energy and in an increasingly energy conscious world this is ever more important. Recent technology has led to a rapid change in the lamp types available for use in the modern home, but more energy efficient light sources such as LEDs and fluorescent lamps require more sophisticated dimming solutions than conventional tungsten. As a result dimming controls need to be more advanced and well matched to the chosen lamps. Rako is at the forefront of providing smooth, efficient solutions for the most recent fittings and publishes application sheets and compatibility guides to help designers.

Curtain and blind control

As well as their privacy functions, curtains and blinds control natural light making window treatments a logical partner for lighting control. Combined panels with lighting functions lessens wall clutter and control is available from the same remotes, Smartphone Apps and interfaces as the lighting system.


Automatic lighting and curtains with timed or holiday mode functions provide the impression of occupation. With static curtains and unlit homes being one of the biggest tell-tales to would-be intruders this provides invaluable security. Linking fire and burglar systems to lighting gives the comfort that if the worst happens home-owners are not left in the dark with either a fire or an unwelcome guest.


Rako's System Bridges offer Integrators all the options needed to incorporate a Rako system into an overall control package. From Smartphone Apps to RS232 and IP input, Rako supports all the necessary protocols allowing installers to provide the end user with clear, uncluttered and intuitive control.

Ease of Installation

The barrier to installation of control systems is often not the product cost, but that of installation and redecoration. For ground-up builds Rako has the wired, Cat5 networked system, but for retro-fits and hassle free installs Rako's wireless option provides the ideal solution. The ability to be able to combine both wired and wireless options gives the ultimate in flexibility when planning a system.

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