• Design & Installation

    Tailored lighting, sound and AV systems to suit your requirements. From concept to completion, we can help you find an identity for your venue.

    We have over 40 years of experience in design and installation of lighting, sound and AV solutions. We have catered for a wide range of venues from nightclubs, restaurants, holiday centres, leisure parks and residential homes.

    Akwil Ltd is a professional team of advisors geared at providing customers with only the best in service, solutions, and equipment. Our experienced team will use the latest technology to plan every aspect of your event's production design.

    Our services can account for

    • - Budget

    • - Logistics

    • - Sound System Design and Services

    • - Structural Needs Assessments

    • - Lighting Systems Design and Services

    • - AV Automation and integration

    • - Power Needs

    • - Trucking

    • - Rigging

    • - A/V Production Programs

    • - Program Video Consultation

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  • Pro Sound


    Get the right solution to suit your requirements.

    Bose_Room_Match_Arrays.gifWe would like to help you achieve that with our decades of experience in practical effective system design, install and maintenance of Pro Sound and Commercial PA Systems and Control, with integrated DSP Solutions.

    Our automated Pro Sound and AV Systems enable a more systematic approach to operations control and System Protection, Control & Automation, delivering an experience with reliable user friendly controls relieving users of setup issues.

    Akwil's creative intelligent approach empowers our clients to achieve both ease of use and operational efficiency with customer satisfaction.

    Addressing the needs of the customer - We will ascertain your projects requirements relating to business aims, building purpose and usage, ambience required, Audio Visual integration and LED Lighting facilities for practicality and ease of use.

    Acoustic planning - The option of using MODELLER software and CAD, an accurate acoustic model of the space can be produced. This unique design tool can be utilised to predict key sound parameters prior to building construction.

    Lighting planning - Whether you require CAD plans for Architects and Contractors or if you require in-depth Light Output Relux Modelling, Akwil can help design and supply the right solutions for you.

    Installation and commissioning - We are Bose Professional Authorised Installation Partners and can accommodate many specific requirements, whether solely for acoustic equipment or in association with the installation of video, lighting, display solutions, interactive sound and lighting for clubs or bars, or any other equipment you require integrating. Full commissioning follows quality control and functionality checks and includes precise measurement of performance and optimization of system settings for its location and you requirements.

    Project management  - A dedicated Project Manager will prepare the contract and implementation schedule, manage compliance with statutory and local requirements, oversee staged delivery of equipment and ensure timely installation and commissioning.

    After sales service - offers full operator training, service and maintenance contracts and installation upgrades by Akwil Engineers.

    Click Here to request a System Design or Product Order by filling in the application request and we will contact you within the next 24hrs.

  • Lighting

    Spektrum LED Lighting

    Akwil has over 40 years of experience in designing Lighting, Sound and AV Systems for hotels, spas, restaurants, holiday centres, houses and leisure parks.

    Our lighting designs will change the way that you and your clients feel about their environment.

    Akwil bring together a creative and intelligent approach to lighting and audio/visual design with an understanding of complex technical requirements. We can bridge the gap between the architect and the electrical engineers independent of all manufacturers.

    We concentrate solely on achieving the most creative lighting solution for our clients, taking into account the aesthetics, functionality, flexibility and after sales maintenance and cost.

    We work with architects, design teams and directly with clients. We specialise in the design and supply of wireless lighting and AV control systems, which can be installed in existing installation utilising existing wiring. Switches and dimmers are replaced by wireless remote controls. Commercial and home automation is our speciality.

  • Display Systems


       - Custom LED display solutions

       - Indoor and outdoor screens

       - 2 Year Warranty with all LED Systems

       - Installation & Commissioning

       - After Sales Maintenance

  • Control Systems & Software

    Control Systems and Software

    Give Your AV Solution a Beating Heart

    The best AV solution in the world can only be successful with the right control system and software to work with it.

    All of our lighting and audio solutions are powered by our highly powerful control systems saving you time, money and effort.

    Our systems allow your staff to forget about the daily routine of setting up your AV solutions. Allow yourself to be free and enjoy the experience you are providing by letting our software take care of everything.

    All of our control and software systems come with an installation service and we will be able to train you on your newly purchased system.

    - Our comprehensive range of Control Systems & Podule Controllers are capable of being used individually or networked together to create diverse control applications.

    - They are also suitable for mission critical systems where status feedback and redundancy are required.

    - Our systems can relieve your staff continual daily setup routines which can offen be automated to suit you requirements.

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