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JBL Point Source Series


  • JBL AE Series

    JBL AE Series

     Imagine if your every need was not only met, but anticipated. The Application Engineered Series does exactly that. The AE Series is a complete line of permanent installation loudspeakers, containing the performance and features that meet the needs of contractors and consultants alike. Incorporating the latest loudspeaker technology, a wide selection of models, high performance features, reliability, and a systems approach. AE Series has a loudspeaker for just about any challenge you might encounter. 

  • JBL CWT Series - Crossfired Waveguide Technology

    JBL CWT Series - Crossfired Waveguide Technology

    Dual 8" 2-Way Loudspeaker System featuring CWT Crossfired Waveguide Technology
    Extremely Wide Angle Coverage Dual 8" 2-Way Loudspeaker System
    71 Hz - 20 kHz
    96 Hz - 19 kHz
  • Marquis Dance Club Series

    JBL Marquis Dance Club Series

    JBL presents the new Marquis Dance Club Series of powerful loudspeaker systems for nightclubs.

    The new Marquis series consists of four separate components that can be configured as two types of floor stacks, or a flown cluster, depending on the requirements of the venue.

    The Marquis series comes with three standalone speakers including a 12” two way and a 15” two way, plus a double 15” four way in either 90º x 50º or 60º x 40º dispersion patterns.

    All components except the 2 way boxes are active multi-way designs.

    The full Marquis dance floor stack consists of six separate speaker boxes, all designed to work together.

  • VP Series

    JBL VP Series

  • Precision Directivity Series

    JBL Precision Directivity Series

  • PRX400 Series

    JBL PRX400 Series

  • PD500 Series

    JBL PD500 Series Speakers


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