Leading Edge Dimmer Packs Evolution Power and Processor Units

Evolution is a versatile and highly configurable architectural control system designed for both lighting and peripheral management. Evolution is uniquely adaptable, making it an ideal choice for use in a vast number of applications including modern smart homes, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, boardrooms, hospitality suites and offices. System features include RS232, DMX, DSI and 0/1-10v controls. A built-in astronomical clock facilitates events triggered at any time of day, linked with sunrise - sunset calculations or by user definable seasons. Any input may control any output with the ability to provide operation of a sequence of events, for example, control of lighting, blind motors, commands to building management systems, colour changing etc. Unique features such as self-program-on-installation and distributed intelligence make the Evolution simple to install and maintain.
The Evolution power and processor unit builds on the quality and reliability of Mode product designs and offers high specification control and power management in a mechanically, electrically and thermo dynamically designed unit.
All Mode products are guaranteed for a two year period.

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