Bose - 38779 - AMS-8 Paging Panel - Each


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Bose - 38779 - AMS-8 Paging Panel  - Each


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Bose - 38779 - AMS-8 Paging Panel  - Each3877938779

ControlSpace AMS-8 Paging Panel (CS-PP)

1. ROOM SELECTION buttonS – By pressing a room button one selects a specific room or zone (group of zones) for paging. The indicator (led) next to the button lights up green when it is selected. Room blocking: By pressing a room button for 2 seconds, the indicator next to it will light up red. This means this zone is blocked for paging. Press the same button again for 2 seconds to release the ‘block’ situation.

2. MESSAGE buttonS – One can page a pre-recorded message by first selecting the required room(s) followed by pressing the appropriate message button. To stop a playing message, one should press the same message button again. The paging function still has a higher priority: during a pre-recorded message anouncement the microphone can be used to override this message. This function is only available if the optional message storage card is installed and pre-recorded messages are stored on this card.

3. SELECT ALL BUTTON – By pressing the ‘select all’ button all rooms are selected (except the blocked rooms).

4. DESELECT ALL BUTTON – By pressing the ‘deselect all’ button all rooms are deselected.

5. TALK BUTTON – After pressing the talk button the indicator just above this button lights up red, at the same time a chime signal is activated and routed the selected rooms. As soon as this indicator turns green one can page a live spoken message, as long as the button is pressed. Releasing this button will stop the paging.

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