Quick DMX IN / OUT Rack with 16 Programmable Presets
  • Quick DMX IN / OUT Rack with 16 Programmable Presets
  • Quick DMX IN / OUT Rack with 16 Programmable Presets

Quick DMX Rack IN / OUT Rack with 16 Programmable Presets

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• Calendar function
• 18 programmable scenes/chases
• Optional IR remote to trigger scenes/chases
• 3.5 Jack for external IR sensor (not incl.)
• Mini-DIN for external contacts
• Optical isolation at DMX output
• DMX input for external fader desks


The Quick DMX Rack is a standalone interface which can store 18 different chases or scenes. This makes the unit very suitable for fixed installations. Because of the basic concept even non-technical users can control their lightshow with Quick DMX Rack. They can select 16 programs that are pre-programmed by an installer. With an optional remote (50219) it is possible to access all 18 memory's. To edit or change chases or scenes the unit must be linked with Quick DMX software. It is also possible to use the controller as 512 Channel DMX interface. The interface has 4 indication LEDs, power, USB link, DMX input & IR data.

Please note that Quick DMX Rack only works with Quick DMX software. You can download the latest upgrade at our product download page. If you have the Sweetlight Rack you can only use the sweetlight software, please download your latest upgrade at www.sweetlight-controller.com.

For general help you can also go to www.thelightingcontroller.com a technical forum for Quick DMX and Sweetlight software.

Quick DMX provides the ultimate solution for lighting control. It offers the possibility of direct control, from simple parcans to the most complex moving light and pixel control, with a computer, software and an interface. The computer is loaded with Quick DMX software to build and control the lighting show, by an interface via a USB port.
The software is designed to be user-friendly and can easily be used by even those whose knowledge of DMX and light programming is limited. We offer a unique software, which is free to download from our web site download page. The software is available for Windows and MacOS. All software upgrades are free.
The software contains several views: Editor, Pixels, Live, Stand Alone. Each view has its own dedicated tabs to have direct access to all necessary functions and settings. 
Declare your lighting equipment in Editor > Fixtures. The library contains personality files for the most common fixtures (Spots, Bars, Moving heads, Color changer, Strobes, etc ...). This library is regularly updated to stay current with new fixture releases. If the light you are using is not included, it is easy to add and configure new ones.
With Editor > Steps you can create dynamic scenes. The screen manages:
• pan/tilt movements
• colors, gobos, ...
• trychromie
• time and fade mode
• fixtures grouping
• etc
The screen looks similar to a –regular fader lighting desk", but with the advantnge of special functions like copy, paste, insert, color pallet, etc..

In Generator, you can build complex lighting scenes within a few mouse clicks, it can handle pan/tilt movements, colors, gobo and effects, for a group of moving lights, with delay effects.
With Pixels it's easy to create chaser, rainbow, text effects or upload GIFs to use as template for your animated pixel show. Just add your devices with the correct horizontal and vertical pixels assign the color range and position on screen like the real setup. Pixels will do all calculations and generate all DMX values.
In Live, you can play and customize the show depending of your needs (pages, buttons, presets). Buttons can be made for colors, effects movements but can also trigger a complete light scene or timeline multimedia file. While operating in live it's possible to overrule with the Editor. 
Timeline is a synchronized multimedia show editing software. It is able to play multiple file formats (video, picture, audio and light scenes). Drop the files into the timelines and slide them in the desired time. The possible applications are:
• basic –sound and light". The readable audio files are wav, mp3, ogg and wma format.
• –video and light" on plasma screen or video projector. The readable picture files are bmp, jpg, png, giff. The readable video files are avi, mpg, mpeg, mov, wmv. 
With 3DView you can display the stage in 3 dimensions and it shows the lights moving in real time, from any point of view. Set stage size and place your objects and lighting fixtures. The program has a bank of basic objects (speakers, truss, music instruments, ...). You can also import your own objects. Set position (orientation, scale, color) of each object (or fixture). It is possible to set these parameters on a group of objects. Set textures, luminosity, smoke level for more realism. 
The interfaces and 19" Rack can also operate lights in stand-alone mode. With the StandAlone view you can download dynamic scenes into the interface. Depending on the model, it is possible to store from 1 to 14 dynamic scenes for later recall without the need of a computer. The scenes can be swapped or added together. This system is not only ideal for backup during big shows, but also to run standalone installations where simple use is important, like exhibitions and architectural lighting, ..

Software update 11 September 2014 - version 7.1.12
main - PDF manual (English)
main - Spanish language in software
main - bug in "check for new software version" fixed
Edit fixture - popup menu in list channels/levels was not working (in version 7.1.8 only)
Steps - "channel paste" without "channel copy" bug is fixed
Steps - remembers the last state of "Ungroup actions" button, after software quit/restart
Pixels - cut/copy/paste fixture keyboard functions (ctrl x, c, v) work
Live - with options "fade out" + "pause at end" together, all channels switch off correctly
TimeLine - loads all PCM wav files
TimeLine - after a multi-import of media files, the length of the blocks is correct
3DView - selected group in 2DView is correcty selected in 3DView
StandAlone - the final scene is correctly generated, when there is not scene at time 0 in the timeline
StandAlone - after a multi-import of scenes files, the length of the blocks is correct


Operating system: Windows & MAC
Memorys: 18 (16by flash button, 18 by IR remote)
DMX channels: 512
DMX output: 3P XLR F optical isolated
DMX input: 3P XLR M optical isolated
IR Sensor: Front, (backside 3.5 Jack for external IR)
Powersupply: USB powered or 9-12V, 300mA AC/DC (not incl)
Dimentions: 482x136x44mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 1,7 Kg

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