Luminis 3D Lenticular Holographic 3D Auto-Stereoscopic Enabled 3D Display Hardware


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Luminis 3D Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Digital Signage 3D Display Hardware

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Luminis 3D Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Digital Signage 3D Display Hardware

Using the same Windows-based digital signage platform as the 2D Luminis AiO, Luminis 3D Display Software and Hardware combines all the functionality and ease of use of standard digital signage with state-of-the-art lenticular screen technology, to provide what are the most truly outstanding signage results you can imagine.

Luminis 3D Hardware can be operated as a stand-alone unit, or can be configured in a network as Server or Client (same Model configurable). Individual Client units in stand-alone mode can be controlled directly or on the local network via a web interface. Alternatively, if a number of units are networked, they can be controlled and updated over a wide area network.
Featuring fully-controllable templates and schedules, the Luminis signage platform supports a combination of both 3D and 2D media content, supporting video, Flash, RSS, streamed images, web pages, PowerPoint, tickertape, plus much more!


Adopting lenticular screen technology provides the only true solution to glasses-free 3D – essential, of course, for public signage where there is no control over the audience (and certainly no chance to hand-out free spectacles to every passer-by)


As digital signage becomes the norm, the ability to catch an audience’s attention and literally stop them in their tracks is the ultimate goal Luminis 3D delivers.


Luminis Enabl3D Features-

-   Outstanding glasses-free 3D system

-   Windows platform, supporting all standard Windows media files

- Fast and easy installation; up and running in minutes

 - All-in-one, plug-in and play solution 

- Simple and intuitive browser-based user interface

- Control and update locally or remotely via web browser

- Pre-designed and self-configured display templates

- Unlimited number of media or content channels

- Fully-programmable scheduling

- Configurable user permissions


Supported 3D content:
- 3D Studio Max
- Live-action filmed in 3D
(require processing to auto-stereoscopic format via Mixture software application)

Supported 2D content-

- Flash

- JPEG-BMP-GIF stills and slideshows

- MPEG-AVI video

- html-web pages

- PowerPoint

- Rich Site Summary (RSS feed)

- Optional live TV feeds

- plus 5.1 audio playback


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