22 - 82 inch Holographic 3D TV's - Lenticular Displays

The cutting-edge of multi-view auto-stereoscopic LCD technology is that it combines superior resolution and unparalleled image quality with configurable I/O in a large format display for a wide range of digital signage applications. And its optional protective front glass ensures durability.

With the option of an open frame option we can make your holographic image as large as you like.

Key Features:
- Auto-Stereo Technology
- HD 720p (1366 x 768) 9 point multi-viewing zones with True Volumetric Perception
- True Volumetric Perception
- Precision perspective of the visual content effect when going from depth to full POP
- Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle
- 176 degree viewing angle
- Commercial Grade Design
- lead to the display's extended use for various applications
- Durable and Professional Design
- All metal structure that's sleek & low-key look makes the content standout
- Round-the-Clock Scheduler
- Allows for 7-day scheduling of content and powering the display
- Environment-Friendly Components
- Contributes to significant energy savings
- Energy Star 5.0
- Helping you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

ENABL3D Auto-stereoscopic 3D LCD Screens

The new Enabl3D range from Magnetic represents the cutting edge of ‘glasses-free’ 3D screen technology.

Using the latest generation of auto-stereoscopic (or ‘lenticular’) LCD technology, Magnetic Enabl3D screens allow incredible resolution and outstanding 3D large format displays without the need for any special glasses, eyewear, headgear or projectors.

Providing the ultimate in eye-catching, crowd-stopping displays, media and digital signage; video images and content appear to fly out of the screen and float in mid air!

The effect truly has to be seen to be believed.

The Magnetic 3D proprietary overlay and industry-leading 3D render software combine to deliver truly stunning visual effects - all without
the need for viewers to wear 3D glasses...

To get a costing for supply, installation and programming please contact us here.

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