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JBL LSR 305P MK2 Series 3 Speaker

5" Two-Way Powered Studio Monitor
Bi-amplified Studio Monitor with Magnetically-Shielded 5” Low Frequency Transducer and 1” Soft-Dome High Frequency Transducer and Image Control Wave Guide. Class-D 41 Watt RMS Amplifier for LF, and 41 Watt RMS

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JBL LSR 305P MK2 Series 3 Speaker

The JBL LSR305 MKII Studio Monitor is a 5-inch active bi-amplified studio monitor. The LSR305 MK2 utilises the patented Image Control Waveguide and JBL custom transducers for optimal audio fidelity and performance. The bi-amplified design provides a powerful sound, with dual integrated custom Class-D amplifiers providing 82 watts of power for both the high and low end. Building on the original LSR305 design, the MK2 includes new boundary EQ settings, allowing you to minimises low frequency variants in various environments. The Slip Stream LF port provides superior low-end, for powerful, define bass. A HF Trim switch also allows you to adjust the HF output to cater to varying room acoustics. Additionally, it features flexible connectivity for use with audio interfaces and more.


5" Two-Way Powered Studio Monitor
Bi-amplified Studio Monitor with Magnetically-Shielded 5” Low Frequency Transducer and 1” Soft-Dome High Frequency Transducer and Image Control Wave Guide. Class-D 41 Watt RMS Amplifier for LF, and 41 Watt RMS Amplifier for HF. Balanced XLR and ¼” TRS Inputs with Detented Level Control, HF and LF Trim Controls. LSR305 Includes US Power Cord. LSR305/230 Includes international Power Cord.


  • Image Control Waveguide: 

•    The Image Control Waveguide was developed for JBL’s new flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor and 
  with the introduction of the JBL 3 Series, is now included for the first time in an affordable, compact 
  reference monitor. 
•    The patent-pending design of the Image Control Waveguide precisely controls the sound emanating from 
  the speaker in the vertical and horizontal planes ensuring the presentation at the listening position is neutral
  and accurate.

  • JBL Transducers are legendary for their performance. The 3 Series long-throw woofer and its damped woven composite Neodymium tweeter are designed from the ground up to reproduce the powerful transients and micro dynamics of your mix. These drivers deliver impressive deep bass and smooth high frequency response beyond the range of human hearing.
  • JBL’s Patented Slip Stream low frequency port design works in concert with the woofer to produce deep bass response at all playback levels. The double-flared shape of the port is precisely engineered for greater low-frequency extension and reduced turbulence.
  • Big Power, Big Sound - 3 Series efficient Class D Amplifiers provide abundant power to deliver the output and dynamic headroom needed for the most demanding production styles
  • Professional Balanced Inputs - Balanced XLR and 6 mm TRS inputs give you the options you need to connect your 3 Series to any signal source while maintaining professional signal quality.
  • Selectable Input Sensitivity - The -10 dB/+4 dB sensitivity switch ensures compatibility with a broad range of signal sources, allowing you to connect the 3 Series to high output professional gear without any danger of input overload.
  • LF Trim and HF Trim “TRIM” switches for both the Low and High Frequencies give you excellent control over the 3 Series sound in “your” room. Use these to fine-tune the amount of bass and treble you hear to compensate for room acoustics, program material and your personal taste.
  • JBL Professional Reliability - Prior to becoming a production-ready design, each 3 Series model is subjected to JBL’s tough 100 hour power test, in which the speaker is required to play continually at full output for 100 hours without failure. This demanding test ensures your 3 Series speakers will deliver years of reliable performance.
  • JBL LSR Design - Your Music Needs a Point of Reference - While most manufacturers take only a single on axis measurement of the speaker’s performance, this doesn’t tell how it will sound in your room. JBL’s LSR Linear Spatial Reference design criteria requires seventy-two measurements yielding more than 1,200 times more data, enabling JBL to engineer a speaker that “sounds right” in any working space. With LSR design, 3 Series Studio Monitors deliver superior accuracy regardless of the size and shape of your room, so your mixes “hit their mark” when heard on any playback system.
  • Deep Pedigree - The impressive performance of the 3 Series Reference Monitors is the result of JBL’s development of its flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor. 


  • Frequency Range - 43 Hz-24 kHz
  • Max Peak SPL - 108 dB SPL C-Weighted
  • Max Peak Input - +23 dBu
  • LF Driver Size - 127 mm (5")
  • HF Driver Size - 25 mm (1")
  • LF Driver Power Amp - 41 W Class D
  • HF Driver Power Amp - 41 W Class D
  • LF Trim Control - +2 dB, 0, -2 dB
  • HF Trim Control - +2 dB, 0, -2 dB
  • Input Types - 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS Balanced
  • AC Input Voltage - 100-240 VAC +/- 10% 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) - 298 mm x 185 mm x 251 mm (11.75 in x 7.28 in x 9.88 in)
  • Weight - 4.6 kg (10.12 lbs)

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